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  • Dillon Hudson

Sōl Studios holds Open House for UAFS Students

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Last Friday Sōl Studios held an open house for University of Arkansas-Fort Smith students at their downtown location. University students, faculty, and alumni were in attendance, hosted by Grant Thomas and Anton Rasmussen, owner and head engineer of Sōl Studios, respectively.

The Sōl Studios team invited UAFS music, theater, and media communication students to their open house in hopes of fostering a relationship with the university. Thomas and Rasmussen interacted with those present to gauge the needs of the UAFS student body, seeing where they can fill in the gaps of their education.

Visitors of the open house had a chance to sample the studio's state of the art facilities. Which features an artists’ lounge, isolation booths, a control room, and modern technology, decorated with tapestries and lights that give the space a unique look and feel.

“Walking into the studio feels like you’re almost stepping out of Fort Smith”, said UAFS alum Andrew Duch, “the eastern influence in the design of the studio is really interesting”.

The goal of this design was to make the studio stand out from other studios in the US.

UAFS students are hopeful that collaboration with Sōl Studios will be mutually beneficial.

Sōl Studios is located on Garrison Avenue in Downtown Fort Smith and can be booked to work on both audio and video projects.


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