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The City of Little Rock has Unveiled a New Sculpture With Mixed Reviews

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

"On a Roll" by artist Jack Hill located at Murray Park (image curtesy of Little Rock Parks & Recreation)

The City of Little Rock Parks & Recreation unveiled a new sculpture of a banana wearing roller skates, and the comments on their Facebook post show very polarized opinions.

The statue is titled “On a Roll” and was created by artist Jack Hill. It is located on the Arkansas River Trail near Murray Park and was donated to the city by a non-profit organized called “Sculpture at the River Market” and was shipped by the National Sculptors’ Guild.

About two days ago, Little Rock Parks & Recreation posted about this sculpture on their Facebook page and thus far there have been 539 shares and 402 comments with different opinions about this work. One user stated; “So fun! Love it!” and another user described the sculpture as “Very a-peel-ing!” However, some comments are not this positive.

Scrolling through the comments you begin to see how different the opinions of this sculpture are. A Facebook user commented “What in the world! Who pick a giant banana ?? Please don’t tell us taxpayer money wasn’t used for this?” while another said “What a waste of money!” in regards to the donated sculpture.

With this piece becoming more controversial, and Facebook comments saying things such as “I don’t understand the significance of this sculpture” there are still some who consider this work to be “Adorable and whimsical!” proving that art is subjective, and there will always be people who either love it or hate it.


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