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7/11 Announces Sparkling Hot Dog Water, Complete with Mustard!

A can of 7/11 Hot Dog Sparkling Water
Photo Credit: 7/11 Corporate

7/11, one of the world’s largest convenience store chains and retailers, has announced a drink that has the entire internet in disgust, and nostalgia. On March 27th, the Slurpee store announced a series of exclusive sparkling water drinks made in collaboration with Miracle Seltzer. While the more conventional Lemon Lime, Green Apple and Sweet Orange flavors made zero buzz, the 4th selection stook out like a sore thumb; Big Bite Hot Dog.

The Big Bite Hot Dog Sparkling Water is described by 7/11 corporate as combining “...the delicious and mouthwatering experience of 7-Eleven’s iconic Big Bite Hot Dog into one refreshing beverage – ketchup and mustard included.” 7/11 says they’ll release more details about the flavor on April 1st (a pretty obvious hint as to the true nature of the strange flavor), and have already released the normal-sounding flavors on their 7NOW delivery app for those so dedicated to a convenience store chain that they can’t even take the inconvenience of stepping out of their house.

When 7/11 announced their Hot Dog concoction Thursday, the internet reacted with its usual disgust and memes. Most who saw the announcement were instantly reminded of nu-metal icons Limp Bizkit and their 2000 6x platinum album Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water. Comment sections on various news pages are filled with references to Fred Durst and the album’s famous mentions of Hot Dog textured beverages.

It remains to be seen what 7/11 pulls once April Fools Day rolls around. Perhaps the Limp Bizkit jokes in all the comment sections are playing right into the retail chain’s marketing scheme, and the currently-on-tour rock band will be involved in the April 1st announcement. For the time being, we can only imagine how the taste of the Big Bite Hot Dog Sparkling Water will keep us rolling.


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