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Arkansas 2022 Statewide Issues Election Results

In the recent election, Arkansas voters decided on their choice for congress as well as whether or not to pass the four issues being voted on. This included Legislative Authority To Call Special Session, 60% Voter Approval For Constitutional Amendments, Religious Freedom Amendment, and the AR Adult Cannabis Amendment. All four issues did not pass.

The first issue voted against was the Legislative Authority To Call Special Session. This would allow Arkansas legislators to propose an amendment to the state constitution, and then give them the authority to request special meetings of the legislature at any time. However, the voting results for this issue were 39.14% for this issue and 60.86% against.

60% Voter Approval For Constitutional Amendments was listed as issue 2 on the ballot. This issue was also voted against. The voting results were 59.14% against and 40.86% for. However, if it had passed, it would increase the percentage of votes required to pass most statewide ballot issues. The current system uses “50% plus one vote” for statewide ballot issues to pass and go into effect.

Issue 3, the Religious Freedom Amendment resulted in a close call with 50.43% against, and 49.57% for. This issue would have amended the state constitution that stated the government could not burden a person’s freedom of religion, unless the government expresses it is necessary to do so for specific government interest using the least restrictive means of furthering that interest.

The final issue was Issue 4, the AR Adult Cannabis Amendment. If passed, this would have legalized marijuana use for individuals 21 years of age and older and would have authorized the commercial sale of marijuana with sales to be taxed at 10 percent. This issue was not passed with 56.28% and 43.72% for.

Check out for more information on the results from the 2022 election.

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