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Bob Iger back in business as the CEO of Disney

On November 20, Bob Iger resumed the position of CEO of the Walt Disney Company in place of Bob Chapek.

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Iger, the CEO of the Walt Disney Company from 2005-2020, resigned from the position making way for Chapek to lead the company. During his first stint as CEO, Iger was responsible for some of Disney’s most profitable acquisitions, including Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel.

According to CNBC, a reason for Iger’s first resignation was that he felt he had “become increasingly dismissive of other people’s ideas, a sign that he should let someone else lead Disney.”

The Walt Disney Company signed Bob Iger to a two year contract to lead the company as CEO once again. The hope is that he will get Disney (media and theme parks) back on track while simultaneously selecting a better heir than he did last time.

Bob Chapek, CEO of the Walt Disney Company from 2020-2022, had seen diminishing returns (financial and critical) in films and series, and was leading the parks in a direction generally disliked by the public. One extremely unpopular feature brought to the Disney Parks under Chapek’s reign was Genie+. The public disdain for Disney’s Genie+ comes from the fact that you must now pay for a previously free feature (fast pass).

Although Iger has not yet stated all of his plans, the general consensus is that he will return the company back to the upward trajectory it was on under his leadership. Another problem which occurred under Chapek’s leadership that will require correction from Iger is the company stock which, as of now, has fallen 32.63% over the past year.

Despite the hopefulness of Iger turning things around, only the next two years will show if he is able to do so.


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