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Christmas Movies:

Christmas movies that are most talked about are Home Alone, The Grinch, Elf, and of course A Christmas Story. All these movies are good classics that everyone has or should have watched at least once since many consider them to be holiday staples.

Home Alone has the comedy. The robbers, Harry and Marv, try to break in and they never succeed because of Kevin's traps that he laid out to protect the house after being left at home by his family for the holidays. It then becomes a competition of Harry and Marv trying to get Kevin. The stair and the paint bucket scene, and the nails on the ground scenes are just a couple of the iconic scenes that make you want to watch it again and again.

It's not Christmas time if you haven't watched The Grinch yet. The Grinch is the heart felt movie that shows the true spirit of Christmas! Cindy Lou is the only one who will talk to the Grinch and be nice. She is the reason The Grinch has a change of heart! The Grinch takes peoples’ presents then goes to return them by the end of the movie when he then falls in love with Christmas.

Elf. There is nothing better than Elf during Christmas time. This is one you have to watch every year. There are so many laughs that go into it and it's just a fun and funny movie. You watch it once and you just have to watch it again. You'll then also start quoting all the lines from the movie. “Tomorrow. 10 am. Santa’s coming. SANTAAAA” is one of the most popular quotes!

A Christmas Story is one that you put on the day of Christmas and it is simply just playing in the background as you open your presents and make breakfast with your family. This is truly a classic that people know quotes from too even if they haven't even seen the movie. You have “you’ll shoot your eye out” that everyone knows, and the leg lamp that is all over the place at Christmas.

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