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Follett Set to Become New Vendor of Lion’s Bookstore at UAFS

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

UAFS has announced that Follett Higher Education will be replacing Barnes & Noble (B&N) as the vendor of the Lion’s Bookstore. B&N has been partnered with UAFS for the previous 14 years. The switch is set to take place before the start of the Spring 2023 semester.

Follett’s presentation to the Bookstore Selection Committee promised exciting changes.

New developments include wider selections of UAFS merchandise, kiosks located in the store, and Apple products. The new vendor will offer Follett on Demand, an app for easier merchandise ordering, which would use data-collection systems in order to provide better service.

The internal layout of the Lion’s Bookstore would be changing as well.

“An update in branding and opening up the course material stacks to make them available so that people can kind of just go in and get what they need” Vice President of Marketing at Follett, Kevin Renshaw said.

Around campus, the students’ resounding concern is affordability.

“I don’t know what the difference is between the companies, I just really hope they’re more affordable so I can save on cash” says student, Jason F.

The link to Follett’s Zoom presentation is listed below

Passcode: Vz7+D@vE

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