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IOS 16 Review

On September 16, 2022, Apple released its newest operating system, IOS 16. IOS 16 will be available for iPhone 8 and newer. This system includes the latest features and designs that make your phone more customizable for your wants and needs. Now, let’s get into what makes IOS 16 different from every other update and a few of its best features.

The Lock Screen Customization

The most notable change with the new operating system is the customization aspect of the lock screen. To customize your lock screen, you simply hold down on the lock screen. You can now add widgets such as the weather, calendar, and reminders. As IOS 16 has come out, apps like Facebook have created widgets that go along with the update. They added more options that let you customize color or font to get the desired look that you want.

Unsending and Editing Messages

One of the more controversial changes that have people talking the most is in IMessage. With the new update, you can now unsend messages and edit previously sent messages. To unsend a message, hold down the message you want and click the ‘Undo Send’ option. To edit a previously sent message, you hold down the message and click ‘Edit’. An additional feature is the ability to mark a conversation as unread. Hold down the conversation and click ‘Mark as Unread”.

Focus Features

In the IOS 16 update, they simplified the focus feature that they introduced with IOS 15. Focus was made to stop distracting notifications. In IOS 15, it was complicated and confusing to set up. Now with the simplified version, it’s a much easier tool to use.

Overall, the new IOS update is perfect for anyone who wants to refresh their phone and make it more customizable to them. I downloaded it on all my devices and have loved the changes so far. They’ve made the apps we know and love better. There are always cons and glitches when new software is released but I don’t doubt once you make the switch, you’ll be glad you did


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