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  • Dillon Hudson

Jason Pitts holds screening for "Masquerade"

Local Filmmaker, Jason Pitts, held a private screening for his horror movie, Masquerade, which premieres December 19th, at the Ozark Talent Bank in downtown Rogers.

Masquerade is one of several films Pitts has written and directed. The film stars Alivea Disney who Pitts said helped conceptualize her character, Sylvia Darnell.

“She talked about what her dream role would be…. we came up with that character together and then we decided what a theme for that character would be and then from there I built a story around that theme” said Jason Pitts.

He then went on to describe how strong female characters like Harley Quinn inspired Masquerade.

Masquerade’s score and visual effects really set the tone for the piece but ultimately the film’s lead was its greatest strength.

The film is set to have minor edits made between now and its premiere but as it stands, Masquerade is a fast-paced, indie, horror film that has the potential to have a fruitful festival run.

General audiences can see the film at the Ozark Talent Bank located 114 S 1st St Rogers, AR at 6:00 on Sunday December 19th.

Disclaimer: If it were rated by the MPAA, Masquerade would be rated R.


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