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  • Jillian Rose

‘My Bloody Valentine’ at the Midnight Symposium

Tuesday, February 14 – The UAFS Midnight Symposium podcast will be showing ‘My Bloody Valentine’ and holding a discussion over the film starting at 6:30 pm in the Windgate Auditorium just in time for Valentine’s day on Tuesday. Hosts Dr. Bret Strauch, Dr. Nicki Stancil and Jordan Ruud will be giving a presentation to accompany the film after the viewing.

Following past holiday-themed showings of ‘Black Christmas’ and ‘Halloween’, the Valentine’s Day-themed showing will be the topic of discussion over tropes dealing with gender and the issues surrounding them along with its impact on the horror genre history. The Midnight Symposium podcast analyzes horror movies, media, and their connection to society. With this showing and lecture, they are participating in the on-campus “Double Exposure” project to provide interesting or educational films to learn about and to offer new lenses to watch movies.

There will be several showings and lectures with different hosts in the Windgate Auditorium throughout the rest of the semester to keep an eye out for including…

“Gattaca” –Host: Dr. David McClellan

(February 21)

“Como Agua Para Chocolate” –Host: Dr. Rosario Nolasco-Schultheiss

(February 28)

“Where Do We Go?” –Host: Dr. Mary Sobhani

(March 9)

“Offside” –Host: Diane Werthmuller

(March 14)

“Jane Eyre” –Host: Roxy Wylie

(March 28)

“Voces Inocentes” –Host: Madeline Martinez, Catherine Gonzalez

(April 4)

“Song Lang” –Host: Tran Nguyen

(April 11)

“The Color Purple” –Host: Sally Story, Shambrhee Burton

(April 18)

“The Little Prince” –Host: Janina Chitty, Jane Wineland


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