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Ring in the New Year with the Rocky Horror Picture Show Shawdowcast

Prime Event Productions and Solutions would like to take you on a strange journey. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast will take the stage at the King Opera House in Van Buren, Arkansas. Showings are on December 30, 2023, at 8 PM and December 31 at midnight. 

A shadowcast is a group of actors performing as the movie is screened alongside them. The first batch of a shadowcast was the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It took the stage in 1976 in Los Angeles and has been a hit ever since. 

Tickets start at $15 for general admission. $20 will get audience members general admission as well as prop bags for the show. At $35, guests will get a VIP meet and greet with the cast that comes with a photo op, prop bag, and early seating. 

Please note that the VIP experience will be before the show. There will be no photos afterward. 

To stay in the loop, follow the page on Instagram at Prime Event Productions and Solutions.


Trenton Gregory

Gavin Garrett 

Robert Montgomery

Julianne Meyernecks

Maxx Smalley

Ray Brown

Tatum Leary

Katelyn Sosebee

Tate Carnley

Sam Glover


Rebekah and Stephen Martin

For tickets, check out the King Opera House.


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