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A Christmas Carol is a classic christmas story that most people know the story too. You have the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future who come to visit the scrooge to get him to love Christmas as everyone else does! Everyone knows and loves that story!

Spirited is that same story but with a twist on it… it's a musical; a comedy musical! The main actors in it are starring none other than Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds! When you first hear a musical with them in it you wouldn't imagine it being that great! But it was a good and funny musical! It has a different twist to it because in the movie Will Ferrell is Scrooge and he is the one haunting a “new scrooge” in a sense. In the movie, Ryan Reyholds played a character named Clint Briggs and he was the one being haunted by Will Ferrell. So in a sense in the movie there are 2 scrooges, one who was a scrooge (Ferrell) and the scrooges being haunted (Reynolds).

The Choreographer is Chloe Arnold who helped and showed Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell both how to tap dance for this film and they both absolutely killed it. You can stream Spirited on Apple TV plus, and that is the only place you can watch it. I would recommend watching it with friends for a Christmas movie night!


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