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Student Support Services Burns Rubber at Hot Wheels Drag Race

Last week, the Student Support Services (SSS) program held its first-ever Hot Wheels Drag Racing Tournament. The students who placed 1st and 2nd both won gift cards to the campus bookstore.

Students had the choice to bring their own Hot Wheels car to race or choose from the garage of provided Hot Wheels. The cars were raced on the official Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway.

The 11 racers started out the bracket racing 1v1, which determined who continued on in the winner's bracket and who went to the loser's bracket. Each round of races was best two out of three. The racers were also allowed to change cars if they wished.

After five rounds in the winner's bracket and five rounds in the loser bracket, only two racers were left. The first finalist, going undefeated in the first five rounds, was Steven Rice. The second finalist, the winner of the losers bracket, was Natalie Alcocer.

The final race was the best out of six, allowing two car changes per racer. Natalie won the first race, so naturally Steven decided to turn to the garage and switch his car. After losing again, Steven uses his car swap, hoping that it will be enough to beat Natalie.

Making the ultimate comeback, after entering the losers bracket in the first round, Natalie beat Steven in the final round 4-0. Not only did Natalie win her first-ever drag race, but she also took home a $75 gift card to the campus bookstore. Natalie won the race with the K-hull One car from the Action 5-Pack released in 2020.

Overall, the Student Support Services' first Hot Wheels Drag Race Tournament was a success. John Bennett, the SSS Event Manager, did an amazing job setting up and hosting this event.

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The winning Hot Wheels race car.

Natalie Alcocer, the first place champion, and her race car.


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