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The Behind the Scenes of Cub Camp

Cub Camp has been an ongoing tradition at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith for twenty years! This year Amacia Howard is the director. Howard was able to answer some questions about the planning and some ways she is hoping to improve Cub Camp in 2023.

When it comes to the planning process, Howard stated that “the planning process is something that is ongoing and starts as soon as schools start.” Most students don't realize how much planning goes into Cub Camp. She also stated that “it's a full time job.”

When asked about what Howard wants to improve, she said, “it's the twentieth Cub Camp so we are planning on it being HUGE!”. What Howard is really planning on focusing on this year is the retention rate. Howard is hoping that by working on the retention rate,“everyone returns everyday”.

Howard was also asked what her favorite Cub Camp tradition has been. Howard mentioned her favorite tradition was the hypnotist; she explained that the reason that's her favorite is because “you see freshmen who are on the shyer side come out of their shell when hypnotized.” Howard is so excited to be the director this year and is hoping to see her goals come to be!


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