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The Ghosts of Breedlove

Breedlove is home to the UAFS Music and Theatre Department. Built in the 1970s and officially opened in 1976, they were booming with students majoring in the arts. This decade was considered the “golden years” for the administration.

There are tales that the Breedlove building is haunted. From objects getting thrown around, to a piano being played in the late hours of the night.

It is known among students and professors that a male ghost, given the name of Larry, haunts the auditorium. In the 1990s, Larry was a handyman at the theatre. Legend claims that Larry spent so much of his time working that he would sleep in the lighting booth, eventually working himself to death. There are stories that the helping hand in Breedlove Auditorium has never left.

Sam Glover, a sophomore music major, remembers an eerie midnight experience from October 2021. “I was with my quartet, and we were in Breedlove 105 at midnight rehearsing. And once we got done, we kind of went off into a side room. The door was open, and while we were talking, we heard a piano start playing,” Glover said.

The keys of the piano being played made the group nervously wonder who else was in the building since they had believed they were alone. Investigating the building, they were in fact alone. “Once we went back into the room, the piano stopped.”

Glover and their friends asked around the music department about the strange occasion. They learned that they were not the only ones who had the same experience of the piano playing mysteriously late at night.

As Glover continues to take late night stops for practice, they continue to hear noises as they are in the practice rooms when they know no one else is in the building. After the experience, Glover admits that they do get nervous to return to Breedlove alone.

On a dark and stormy night, Tate Carnely, a junior theatre major, believes he was not the only one in the building. Carnley had been in the costume department, looking for clothes for an upcoming film. While he was upstairs, he could hear the garage door banging from the wind.

Curious, he walked downstairs. “The noise would progressively get louder and louder so I got curious because you know I wanted to make sure I’m not the only one in there. I go downstairs, and sure enough, the garage door is banging, but I heard footsteps in the hallways.”

At this time, Carnely believes the footsteps belong to the janitors. Returning upstairs, he finished picking out his costumes. “I go back downstairs, and I still hear the footsteps.”

A curious Carnely ventured out to check the building, only to find no one. “I’m by myself in this building. I’m hearing noises, and I get kind of freaked out, ” Carnely admits. As he was about to leave, he could still hear the footsteps venturing in the hallway.

Whether it is fact or fiction, the stories about the ghosts of Breedlove continue to haunt the hallways. Before closing shop for the night, leave the light on.


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