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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Reaches All Audiences, Not Just For Kids


The first Nintendo movie released at the beginning of April has reached $734.5 million in the box office, making it the highest grossing movie in 2023. Despite the fact, fans and critics alike have mixed feelings about the nostalgic film.

The Super Mario Bros. portrays a classic game and style that Nintendo fans have come to know and love. The children’s movie featured most of the adored characters from the video games including Mario and Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad, as well as Bowser and Donkey Kong.

Along with the familiar faces of the original characters, the movie also hints at the classic video games. In the movie, Mario goes through obstacle courses to prove himself to Princess Peach, defeats Donkey Kong, and takes a kart ride down Rainbow Road. All of the nods to the origins of the movie left Millennials and Gen-Z fans satisfied.

The dynamics between the characters are also notable. In the movie, both Mario and Luigi play adoring brothers of each other, with no conflict among them. Princess Peach is the heroine of the film, being charged with leading Mario to the saving of his brother while also keeping an entire kingdom of her own safe from Bowser’s grasp. Her major role gave the film a progressive, feminist aspect that was helpful in reaching a larger audience.

Though the movie was brightly colored, fast-paced, and entertaining, many argue that the plot was superficial and underdeveloped. On the same note, many expected the humor to cater more towards older fans than what was included in the film.

While they would have liked more in-depth references and more clever jokes, Nintendo’s first movie has been an overwhelming success. Despite the mixed reviews, Super Mario Bros. cleared the box office and left children and Nintendo fans alike satisfied to experience a beloved childhood game on the big screen.


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