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The Top 13 Favorite Halloween Candies, According to 13 States

The number 13 has always been considered an unlucky number during the time of Halloween. It dates all the way back to the anti-paganism era of the holiday. In honor of it being the spooky month of October, here’s 13 states’ favorite candies–minus the unluckiness.

  1. Delaware, Maine, and Nebraska’s history with Sour Patch Kids

Frank Galatolie created this candy in the 1970’s as “Mars Men” but were later renamed Sour Patch Kids in 1985 by Cadbury and Malaco Licorice Company. Mondelez International in New Jersey acquired the rights to produce the candy in the ‘90s, and that’s when they became Sour Patch Kids.

2. Washington and New Jersey-Tootsie Pops

In 1931, Luke Weisgram found that Tootsie Rolls and his daughter’s lollipop made for a tasty treat when combined. The first flavor to be released was chocolate then later came strawberry and watermelon.

3.Connecticut-Almond Joy

Not much can be said about this candy’s history except that it was produced as a replacement for the “Dream” bar in 1946, which appeared to be a basic white chocolate candy bar.


Nello Ferrara of Ferrara Candy Company is said to be the creator of this tart yet sweet candy. The name “Lemonheads” comes from Nello’s grandson after he appeared to have a lemon-shaped head at birth

5.Missouri-Milky Way

Frank Mars, founder of MAR-O-BAR company now known as Mars Inc, created this candy bar in Tacoma, Washington in 1923. The chocolate used for Milky Ways was initially from Hersey’s chocolate. In 1926, the company moved to Chicago, and that is where the candy is still produced today.


In the same year that Milky Ways were being made, Mr. Otto Schnering invented this candy after a candy naming contest. This contest was hosted by the company Curtiss Candy, and the winning candy name was “Butterfinger”.

7.Florida and Wyoming-Reese’s Cups

Invented in 1928 by H.B. Reese, what made this candy so good was a product malfunction of the Reese’s company’s roasting equipment.

8.West Virginia-Blow Pops

In 1966, Thomas Tidwell filed a patent to create a gum-centered lollipop that was the first candy of its kind. The idea was sold to the brand Charms in 1973 and became “Blow Pops”.


The Wrigley Company is the current maker of the candy and launched the popular slogan “Taste the rainbow” in 1994.


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