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  • Dillon Hudson

Theatre is alive on campus with "The 1940s Radio Hour"

The 1940’s Radio Hour by Walton Jones opens December 3rd at Breedlove Auditorium. The production, directed by Dr. Kevin Jones, is a collaboration between the UAFS theater and music programs.

This is the first live play produced by Theatre@UAFS since February 2020.

The play takes place December 21st, 1942 as a radio company prepares to go on the air in the midst of World War II. The ensemble cast of singers, musicians, and more performs live music from the 1940s and comedy while also serving as reality check.

Director Dr. Kevin Jones explains how the play reminds audiences of the importance of escapism. The radio show is “a lift for the spirits but it also reminds us what was going on in the homefront in 1942… so the radio show is this moment in time when people could tune in not only for news but for entertainment and escape”.

Publicist Lane English describes the delight in how “you see this desperate group of people coming together and becoming a family” through the play and how that mirrors the hard work of the music and theater departments at UAFS.

The company has been dedicated to making the play the best it can be. "This has been a huge amount of work with almost daily rehearsals, long days and nights, meetings, and tons of great work by every design team member and the amazing production staff including scenic, lighting, makeup, costuming, publicity, properties, sound, and much more" said Dr. Kevin Jones.

Audiences can see The 1940’s Radio Hour December 3rd and 4th at 7:00PM. There will be an antique car show in the parking lot before the Friday performance at 5:00 with a talkback following that performance. The show is free for students, veterans, senior citizens and UAFS faculty and staff and $10 for general admission. Tickets can be purchased at

The 1940’s Radio Hour features: Christopher Monterroza, Jamarion Davidson, Tate Carnley, Brieana McAfee, Tori Smith, Aylssa Foley, Charissa Johnson, Casey Goodson, Trent Gregory, Malcum Nobles, Gavin Garrett, Hunter Seegers, and Houston Haught.

Music in the play is performed by the Zoot Doubleman Orchestra: Tommy Thavonekham, Eryn Pool, Arturo Hernandez, Ben Baker, Brian Bailey, Raul Ortiz, Bradyn Sanders, Shane Winford, Dylan Richmond, Destiny Riddle, Aanika Reilly, Lucas Davis, and Gini Law.

The show is designed, built, publicized, and crewed by Stephan Copeland, Pablo Guerra-Monje, Katelyn Sosebee, Maxx Smalley, Daniel Myers, Carlee Davis, Tori Buie, Allen Phetchareun, Robert Montgomery, Tori Smith, Jess Gorham, Brieana McAffee, Tran Nguyen, Jessica Whitekiller, Aaron Brown, Dillon Hudson, Jaymz Vance, Sydney Marshall, James English, Tika Muncrief, Joseph McAdoo, Nikita Wemmerus, C.J. Johnson, Lane English, Julisha Hice, Brandon Chase Goldsmith, and Gabe Hobbs.


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