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UAFS eSports captain on winter tournament performance

UAFS' League of Legends Team Blue competed in their winter tournament’s semi-final last Friday, ultimately losing 1-3 against The University of Florida’s UF Academy. As a result of this loss, Team Blue will play for third place this Saturday against University of North Florida. Team Blue’s captain, An Tran, was interviewed before and after the semi-final to talk about his team's success and experience after the wins that lead them to the semi-final.

Your team is heading towards a potentially very exciting ending for the winter tournament - the chance to place in third or even first! What sticks out to you to be a particular success you’ve found in leading / being a part of this team?

An: “I find that doing everything as a team increases our trust in each other. Things from getting dinner after practice, vod reviewing to planning the game as a team helps the team prepare better for every game.”

Do you feel like facing close matches or uncomfortable situations helps you to become better players?

An: “We haven’t had many close matches but (in) uncomfortable situations yes, those matches help the team communicate better. Instead of criticizing each other we figure out things we could have done differently in that situation for next time.”

What do you feel is your team’s greatest strength going into your match this evening?

An: “I feel like our greatest strength is our teamwork, we seem to be in sync with everything we do in game.”

To get to this final match, Team Blue first played matches against Lumberjack Esports and MTSU, with both games ending in an explosive 3-0 victory for UAFS. Team Blue’s wins don’t end here, though. Previous matches against teams like NCSU, Beesport, SVU, and Barton College all ended with UAFS victories in which UAFS won handily. Unfortunately the team did not make it to this tournament’s first place match up, a disappointing outcome to be sure. The impressiveness of their performance can’t be understated though, given that these wins have all taken place in the team's inaugural year. This third place match is still a fantastic end for the winter tournament, and An Tran’s positivity in the post interview reflects this.

How do you feel your team performed, and was there any moment that stands out to you as being a good example of some of the strengths you mentioned?

An: “I feel my team performed well but we were caught off guard by many things, but our strength will shine in our 3rd game.”

What do you think your team may need to change in the short term so that you’ll be prepared for your next matchup. Do you already know who you’re facing?

An: “I don't really expect much from our enemy for the next game.”

How did the team react to the outcome? Was first place the only goal, or does the potential of the third place spot still interest your team?

An: “the team reacted well to the outcome. Third place isn't bad but we really wanted first”

Understandably, there is some disappointment to be found among Team Blue. But from the performance given by the team in last Friday's games, An Tran’s positive outlook on their final, and the track record of their previous success, Saturday’s final match is shaping up to be an exciting one. There will be a watch party for the game which takes place at 3:00 PM on April 8th. Meeting in MCOM Lab BD 122, this is an open watch party for any that want to relax and cheer on Team Blue with company.

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