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UAFS GIF Group Hosts Important Lecture Regarding Local Arkansas History

Charles Spurgeon Rocks, a victim of the execution.

On Wednesday, December 6, the Gender and Intersectional Feminism group at UAFS will be hosting a lecture titled "December 29, 1923 - A Century Since the Terror Attack on African-Americans in Catcher, Arkansas." Although this was a horrifying event in our history, it is an important topic to understand the complex history of Fort Smith and its surrounding areas.

For those that do not know, the Catcher "Race Riot" led to the creation of another sundown town in Arkansas when, in a span of a few days, two African-American men were executed, one executed, and eleven more charged with night-riding, and one was served life in prison after a speedy trial with phony "evidence". The event caused an exodus of African American people from the town, making it a sundown town. This event is not as well-known as it could be, as it should be acknowledged as a piece of the history in our town and surrounding areas. The event is led by Dr. Steven Kite and Dr. Daniel Maher.

Furthermore, the Gender and Intersectional Feminism group gives staff and faculty the opportunity to present their on-going research on issues related to gender, feminism, and diversity studies. If you are interested, follow their Facebook page for more updates on lectures that present knowledge on the important issues that shape our present and affect our future.

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