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UAFS Introduces New Minor Option for the Spring

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

The University of Arkansas- Fort Smith recently announced that they will begin offering a new Diversity Studies minor option for students starting in the spring. Students interested in taking the minor will have the ability to integrate to classes from several other majors and/or minors to count toward the course requirements. Required classes for the minor will include Introduction to Diversity and Cultural Anthropology, so that students can gain a general knowledge of what is expected in the minor. After completing those required courses, students will then choose four more upper-level classes that involve diversity. There are over thirty classes for students to choose from that deal with diversity. The main goal for this minor is for students to gain a better understanding of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The Diversity Studies minor is different from any other minor that the University of Arkansas- Fort Smith has to offer because it allows students to create their own plan and customize their courses to what they are interested in. The University of Arkansas- Fort Smith is the first university to offer this minor in the UA system. The university hopes that in offering this course, it will allow for more diversity and inclusion on campus and in the community.

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