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  • Kirsten Centeno

Vista College Closing

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Meant to “provide high-quality, specialized career preparation or enhancement” towards their students, Vista College, established back in 1995 meant to help those in need of wanting to put their skills to the test within the programs of: Health Professions, Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services sadly and suddenly closed those opportunities on the 8th of October of this year.

Vista College closed their doors in every location, from Texas, Arkansas to New Mexico, and promised their students they would give them the chance to pick up their transcripts and other documents, however, some were left not being able to complete their degrees and finish on time. Medical Assistant, Darleny Bonilla, who was one of the few that were able to graduate on-time within this month mentions “A lot of people were aggravated about the situation, I would be too” and many would agree.

Vista College has announced that they would be helping their former students with transferring credits, along with doing their best in assisting their desires in being able to create opportunities. “I would take action” says Darleny after being asked what she would have done in the situation of those students that didn’t get the chance to complete their degrees. Thankfully, here in Fort Smith , Arkansas, the University of Arkansas Fort Smith is here to help those in need as well. “I would have gone to UAFS and transferred there since they wanted to help students from Vista,” concludes Darleny “I know what happened at Vista was aggravating but never give up on your dreams, no matter how difficult your journey is!” Which is why UAFS is here to lend that helping-hand to those in need.

Vista College Closing - Article (Kristin M. Centeno)
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