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Will the 'Focus on Abortion' Exhibit Make an Appearance at UAFS?

On Wednesday, April 24, 2024, the UAFS Gender & Intersectional Feminism (GIF) Group held a panel discussion focused on a potential abortion art exhibit at UAFS as a part of the GIF Brown-Bag Series. The panel featured members of the UAFS community who spoke about their connections to the subject and what their opinions are on hosting the 'Focus on Abortion: Americans Share Their Stories' exhibit on campus.

The panel included Dr. Sophia Farmer, Assistant Professor of Art History, Dr. Cheryl Holden, Executive Director/Associate Professor of Healthcare Administration, Dr. Greg Roberts, Assistant Professor of Psychology, and Dr. Lee Krehbiel, Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs. The discussion was moderated by Dr. Svetla Dimitrova, Associate Professor of Sociology. 

Dr. Farmer provided her perspective on the effectiveness of art exhibits on abortion and believes that this exhibit could provide a way for students to discuss this topic effectively. She also mentioned that one benefit of the portrait and narrative style of the exhibit is considerate of the fact that this can be a sensitive issue. 

Dr. Holden has several years of experience in the healthcare field and firmly believes in the importance of individualized healthcare. While abortion has affected the industry, one thing remains the same, the patient should be at the center. 

Dr. Roberts reflected on how important it is to be able to discuss difficult topics when counseling patients, especially regarding pregnancy and abortion. He believes that this exhibit could help facilitate better discussions on campus about a controversial subject. 

Dr. Krehbiel shared his perspective as the Title IX Coordinator for UAFS and feels that it’s crucial to provide a safe space where individuals can express their opinions on campus. He also discussed the many resources available to pregnant and parenting students at UAFS. 

Overall, the panel agreed that the exhibit could be beneficial to students at UAFS if executed in a respectful, safe manner. Especially since the focus is on a highly disputed concern, all students deserve to have a productive experience if the exhibit is featured on campus. 


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