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  • Jillian Rose

Winter is Coming: Finals Week Prep

It’s that time of the semester. The days are shorter, the weather is colder, and finals week is coming in hot. Not to worry though, I have some personal finals week prep pointers for you that will help ease the weight and pressures of the dreaded finals.

Prepare as early as possible - I found out the hard way that studying the week before your big 80-question comprehensive final relieves the stress of having to cram a day or two before. Give yourself the time to brush up on those topics you were confused about, I promise it pays off well.

Don’t stay up late to study - I know how hard it can be to carve out the time you need to study during the day, but if you can, let yourself actually sleep at night. I never prioritized sleep in my first years of college and I could definitely feel a difference when I started to. Your brain will thank you, I promise.

Set due dates to a day or two before it’s actually due - This one I can’t emphasize enough. I can’t say I am always successful in doing this, but it’s absolutely a must for any big essay. Even if you don’t finish on your set due date, you’ll have a little extra time to finish up without having the “due date shakes” that come with procrastinating until the last minute.

Start your day off with a big warm breakfast - I know this one sounds like you’ve heard it a million times over and think it doesn’t make a difference, but I’ve been trying it out this semester. From someone who always gets test anxiety, I can say this one really helps clear your mind for the test. Just make sure you don’t have too many liquids because Examity won’t let you get out of your seat, and I don’t think professors will either.

Go to bed early and wake up a little earlier - If you’re taking a final in the morning or even in the afternoon, this tip will give you the extra boost of energy and confidence you’ll need for the day. I know being a college student doesn’t really allow for a proper sleeping schedule, so this one has also become a staple for my own habits this semester.

Last but certainly not least…

Breathe - Over everything else, make sure you don’t forget to breathe. If you’re afraid of failing a test or a course, know that it isn’t the end of the world. Many of us college students deal with anxiety in and out of the classroom so giving yourself five, ten, or fifteen minutes out of the day to breathe and relax your mind from all distractions is crucial in making it through finals week.

Good luck and see you on the other side!


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