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Young voters continue to shock political world at midterms

After reports indicated a “red wave” midterm, young voters surprised analysts with a high turnout for Democrats, keeping the fight for a Congressional majority closer than anticipated.

Circle reports that 27% of youth (ages 18-29) cast a ballot this year, marking the second-highest youth turnout in about three decades. Turnout was exceptionally high in battleground states (FL, GA, Mi, NC, NH, NV, OH, PA, WI), where it was 31%.

Edison Research National Election Pool’s exit poll indicated that nationwide, the youth vote choice for the House of Representatives was 63% Democrat and

35% for Republicans, mirroring results in 2020. Ages 18-29 were the only age group with a substantial majority supporting Democrats.

Major political events and issues have contributed to this substantial Democratic surge. A CBS exit poll showed that the top concern for voters was not inflation but abortion rights. Other issues like student loan forgiveness and LGBTQ+ rights could also have contributed to the energization of the age group.

As of November 11th, Republicans have secured at least 211 seats in the House of Representatives, seven shy of taking control away from Democrats. As results continue to trickle in on House races, eyes are watching the remaining races in Nevada and Arizona, which will likely determine which party will cease control of the Senate.


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