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  • Kirsten Centeno

2021 Christmas Parade

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Once again, the Parade of the Ozarks sparked attention this year, taking place near downtown Springdale on the 28th of November calling it “Christmas on Emma Avenue” where several parade-goers along with different organizations, churches, and locals embraced their Christmas spirit.

Although no floats or larger than 14 feet were permitted along with no outrageous performances, residents and visitors were able to admire all of those included in the parade with their lights and loud cheerful shouts of joy.

A church that is located in Van Buren Arkansas called “Central Van Buren SDA”, took their panda adventurers on a ride on a float where they reenacted the birth of Jesus. Pictures were taken, laughter was heard and the regardless of the parade not lasting very long, huge crowds gathered around to show their support to not only the parade participants but to their community as well.


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