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  • MaKaia Brown

A New Terrifying Netflix Haunt, It’s Midnight Mass

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Fans of The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor, there's a new psychological thriller to be watched. Midnight Mass focuses on Crockett Island, a small fishing community filled with people with Catholic backgrounds. Director of Hill House and Bly Manor, Mike Flanagan created the idea of Midnight Mass 8 years ago and it finally made its debut.

Mass at the local church has been held by Father Pruitt for longer than anyone can remember, but he can no longer preach to the church due to becoming sick from traveling abroad. Young Father Paul comes to temporarily fill Father Pruitt’s position and pleases everyone with his service.

With Father Paul coming to the church, fellow main character Riley Gilford returns to the small town to live with his family after a mistake in his life occurred. After Riley’s incident he loses his faith with the Catholic church, however his parents still require him to attend mass every Sunday morning.

After a few services, Father Paul moves the morning mass to the evening, because he becomes sensitive to the sunlight and can’t make it to the church. Once mass is moved to the evening, miracles begin to start happening in the church. A young girl who isn’t meant to walk begins to walk again, an elderly lady starts to look like her younger self again, and many other mysterious things.

Erin Greene, a former friend and lover of Riley's, moved back into Crock Pot as they liked to call it, to fill the place of the school teacher. She was a few months pregnant and visiting the small town doctor, Dr. Sarah Gunn however when it came time to know the sex of her child it was as if she were never pregnant in the first place.

Erin, Dr. Gunn, and Sheriff Hassan who’s new to town team up and get down to business on why these strange things are happening. With 100's of dead cats being washed up against the bay and people disappearing left and right it has to lead to church and Father Paul.

This seven episode limited series is a perfect binge series for a cool October night. But be warned of the few jump scares that will appear, and keep an eye out for hidden Easter eggs that Mike Flanagan incorporated throughout the show.


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