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AOPI Hits Arthritis Out of the Park

Sorority Alpha Omicron Pi Upsilon Beta held their annual philanthropy event, “Strike out Arthritis” on September 17. This year they chose to do a ticket fundraiser to watch The Naturals play and they sold 97 tickets.

Each sorority on campus holds philanthropy events every year and they have many things going throughout the week leading up to that event. Colby Creech,who is the director of philanthropy for AOII, spoke about their philanthropy event. Last year they held a wiffle ball tournament on the Campus Green, but this year they decided to sell tickets to a Naturals game.

The Naturals are a Minor League Affiliate for the Kansas City Royals, whom they renewed their player development license with the major league team last year. On the day of the event, they were slated to play against the Frisco Roughriders, an affiliate for the Texas Rangers. The event served as a great opportunity for the Upsilon Beta chapter to establish themselves on the same level as their bigger chapters.

“We (Upsilon Beta) decided to do a naturals game rather than something here at UAFS because we want to live up to the expectation of a larger chapter.” Creech explained “ Though we may not be able to get quite there, we are making strides to do our part in raising awareness on the scale that our sisters in larger chapters do.”

While they have done a tournament in the past with them partnering with the Naturals this year they were able to raise over $700 for the Arthritis foundation.


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