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Disney's Encanto

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Walt Disney’s animated film Encanto is a colorful film that takes place in the high mountains of Colombia. It’s about a family called the Madrigals who live hidden in a magical house in a vibrant town. The name of this town is called Encanto, a Spanish word that translates to charmed. The magic of this town has blessed all the children with special powers except Mirabel. But as danger comes to ruin the peace of the magical town, suddenly being ordinary becomes the advantage to saving her home.

Though the film is fictional it does share a bit of Colombian realism. At the beginning of the film, it shows indigenous people leaving their homeland due to the invasion of the Spanish. This is what led them to live in the hidden mountains. This also shows the country's wide range of diverse people. The visible mixes in Encanto are Afro Latino and Indigenous and mixed-race members.

The songs in the film include an array of sounds from the region. The music genres included are cumbia, salsa, reggaeton, and traditional folk-style of the region sung by Colombian star Carlos Vives. This folk-style music is called Vallenato which translates to “from the valley.” It is considered the heart of Colombian music and has been around since the 1900s.

Disney has been showing more diversity in films and shows the past few years, but this story is unlike most. It’s not about romance, it’s about self-love and embracing community. What a great message for the kiddos!


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