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Does Survey Results Reveal UAFS Students Thoughts on Fast Food?

By Kobe Godwin & Sydney Seegers

Over the last week, UAFS students shared what fast food restaurants they frequently visited in Fort Smith. The survey results showed that a popular location among students was Chick-Fil-A, while other frequented spots included McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wing Stop, and Raising Caines.

Students also shared some memorable moments they had while visiting these restaurants, producing mixed results in customer satisfaction. One student said that while going through the line at Taco Bell one of the workers “spilled a drink into my window and blamed it on us for not grabbing it faster, then got mad when we asked for a new one.” Another student shared a story where her food was low-quality, saying “I was given a burger that smelled rotten and disgusting.” from McDonalds.

Although there were a plethora of negative experiences, many students shared positive stories they had while going to restaurants. A student praised a worker for going above and beyond, stating “one of the workers felt bad that I had to wait for a sandwich so she gave me a free cookie.” One student talked about a specific restaurant being a good place to hang out, where they would be “ with friends over the summer when we’d stay up late and talk about life, Jesus, etc.”

A few students with experience working at various Fort Smith fast-food locations commented on their satisfaction as an employee, producing overall positive work environments. A story submitted by a student worker described “Good working conditions, but dealing with customer service can be hard,” Additionally, another student left a very simple but positive remark about their employment, which was "positive with great food.”

The results have made it clear that UAFS students have a wide range of fast food restaurants they enjoy eating at. More importantly, the results reveal that Fort Smith's fast food satisfaction can range from being perfect to being terrible.


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