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Fort Smith Regional Art Museum

The Fort Smith Regional Museum offers Fort Smith diversity in the form of art. The museum offers the community a world of color, shapes, and history. The diversity is shown through traveling exhibits, programs, events, and cultural partnerships.

This month the museum offers David Malcolm Rose: The Lost Highway for viewing from now to January 30, 2022. This exhibit was inspired by the late 60s when the author would travel to visit family in New York. The late 60s brought many changes in American culture with the construction of interstate transportation. Rose’s work focuses on the independent businesses along the highways that were left abandoned due to the popularity of interstates which paved the way for chains to easily takeover. The Lost Highway exhibit contains detailed miniature models of many abandoned business buildings along highways that Rose has driven by. Rose believes that chains have ruined originality and regional diversity. “Driving the old road, the remains of commercial buildings could still be seen and my work sprang from these. I tried to create a portrait of the people who made their living by the side of the road and tell the story of the end of an era,” - David Malcolm Rose (Fort Smith Regional Art Museum).

When you make your way to the bottom floor you’ll find the William E. Knight Porcelain/Boehm Gallery which is the largest collection here in Arkansas. In the next room over is the UAFS student art exhibition. This exhibition holds student artwork of different levels. Here, you’ll find artwork that resonates with you through conceptual depth, identity, and meditation.

This exhibition will go on until December 19, and it’s free to the public so make sure and check it out!


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