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Industry giant Rockstar Games releases trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6, breaks YouTube record

Rockstar Games has long been a household name to those involved in any kind of gaming. Whether you’re a fan of Red Dead or its legendary sequel, or just a GTA player like the rest of us, you were undoubtedly ready for GTA 6’s teaser trailer on December 5th. Since then, the trailer has amassed a hefty 135 million views on YouTube. Topping its predecessor GTA V’s trailer at 104 million views.

According to Forbes writer Antonio Pequeño IV, the trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 broke the YouTuber viewership record for a trailer launch, with 93 million views in 24 hours. 

The trailer itself, a wild visual upgrade for the franchise. With facial animations rivaling the perfection of Red Dead Redemption 2, some of the more explicit sequences feel all the more real as do the more emotional ones. And at its core, this game feels as though it will be emotional. 

The trailer focuses on the story between duo protagonists Lucia and Jason, pitting them as partners against the world. This story serves as an interesting and indeed potentially emotional take on the franchise, and everyone is just wondering how it's all going to play out. GTA 6 has been a game many have actively been waiting for years to see, and now that it's here, most just want to see more.

For now, waiting is all that can be done as Rockstar gave us a window: 2025.

How early or late in the year remains to be seen but it’s almost certain they will show more of the game as that date inches closer and closer.

The sentiment online and in the trailer’s comments has been extremely positive but with a tone of caution. In the age of AAA studios falling short of their own bar, it can be hard to believe the hype. But for a massively successful studio like Rockstar, they have arguably never fallen short when it comes to new flagship releases. For now, this wonderful trailer is all we get. 


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