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Let's BeReal

You have probably heard a teenager or young adult yell “It’s BeReal time” or “Hurry and get in my BeReal” at random times and wonder what the heck is BeReal? And why is it all of a sudden at random moments? BeReal is one of the newest and super popular social media amongst Gen Z.

BeReal is a photo-sharing social media platform that sends out notifications to users at random times of the day to take an unfiltered picture daily. You have two minutes to take a picture of what you’re currently doing and can share it with others. When the two minutes is up, you can still take a picture but it will show up as a late post. You can't see others' posts until you have posted your BeReal post.

The purpose and main design of this app is to catch you doing the most boring, funny, awkward, and random moments of life. Some of BeReal’s unique features are dual camera mode; capturing things on the front side and back side of the camera, memories, Real eMojis; are reaction emojis that use your face instead of standard keyboard emojis, and there's no followers; you can only add friends.

Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau created and launched BeReal in 2020, their goal when the app launched was “To use the way social media apps were originally intended: to connect with friends and family without worrying about followers, likes, and filters.” Barreyat and Perreau shared with The Wrap: “How BeReal Founders Built a Social Media App So Hot, Even TikTok Is Sweating”

TikTok has a similar feature on their platform like BeReal, called TikTok Now. The differences between the two is that TikTok Now has a three minute timer, allows 10-second videos, and the prompt message is “It's Time to Now.”

BeReal is available on Apple iOS and Android devices and free to download on the App Store and Google Play.



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