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Nike Uniforms Spark Negative Reactions

In the fall of 2023, Nike debuted new uniforms for Major League Baseball. After the 2024 season started, fans and players alike have complained about color differences between the jersey and pants as well as sweat stains being more visible than before. Quality concerns have arisen as well after Tigers player Riley Greene’s pant leg split open when sliding into home.


Nike has come under fire yet again as the brand revealed uniforms for the 2024 Summer Olympics. The unveiling showed USA Track and Field Kits for men and women side by side with one feature creating a stir online – the women’s uniform was significantly higher cut in the crotch.


Many athletes have commented on the uniforms.

Lauren Fleshman, a two-time US champion, said on Instagram, “This is not an elite athletic kit for track and field. This is a costume born of patriarchal forces that are no longer welcome or needed to get eyes on women’s sports.”


Jaleen Roberts, a two-time Paralympic medalist, commented, “This mannequin is standing still and everything’s showing… imagine MID FLIGHT.”


Katie Moon, a gold medalist at the 2020 Olympics, shared a post that said, “I absolutely love people defending women, but we have at least 20 different combinations of a uniform to compete in with all the tops and bottoms available to us. We DO have the men’s option available to us if we want it.”


Nike has contacted Reuters and said it is offering athletes unitard options with a brief and short for the 2024 Olympics instead of only the brief for the 2020 Olympics.


Despite the variety of options, this unveiling has had few positive reactions. The Nike PR team will have a difficult time recovering if it wants to remain the leading sportswear brand. Perhaps Nike’s uniform struggles will have a new company stepping in as frontrunner.


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