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  • MaKaia Brown

Pop Singer, Harry Styles Joins the MCU

Taking fans by surprise, Harry Styles appears in the end credits of Eternals as Eternal Eros, aka Starfox, the brother of Thanos. Eros will play a major role in the upcoming Phase 4 movies. Not only do we meet Eros, but we also meet Pip the Troll who introduces Thena, Makkari, and Druig to Starfox.

After battling the newborn celestial Tiamut, Sersi, Phathos, and Kingo vanish before the end credits roll. In response to their decision to defeating Tiamut, Celestial Arishem abducted them for disobeying his orders.

With Thanos being Eros brother, we won’t quite know if he’s going to play a villain or a good guy in the MCU, but in the comics he’s portrayed to have trust with the Avengers. In the scene he tells the Eternals that he’s there to help assist them in their battles, and that he knows where to find the other missing Eternals.

It is unclear what Eros' motives are until we see him again, but he is skilled at manipulating people and romantic emotions. When it comes to Pip, he's known for his teleportation abilities and adventurous nature.

Fans of the MCU aren’t sure when we’ll see Eros again but hopefully it’ll be soon. Harry Styles hasn’t made many comics on his small part in Eternals since he’s currently on tour. However, it’s rumored that he signed for a five-movie deal which could potentially consist of a solo project.


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