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  • Johnny Cruz

The Brutal World of The Last of Us, Episode 8 When We Are in Need

The Last of Us continues to impress with this strong yet brutal episode.

Ellie must survive on her own for some time as Joel recovers from the infection from his previous wound. During this time Ellie comes across David, played by Scott Shepard (Bridge of Spies, X-Men: Dark Phoenix) and James, played by Troy Baker who was funnily enough the voice of Joel in the video game series.

David is the leader of a group that has settled at a resort who are struggling with finding food. He is a religious man and uses it to guide his people as a shepherd. The two men come across Ellie as they are hunting for deer but things take a turn that causes the two parties to become at odds with one another.

When you first see David leading his people he comes across as a kind and caring man who is just trying his best to do what's right for his people. However as the episode progresses, you peel back the layers of David and see that he is instead one to take advantage of his situation and wield his power for much darker purposes. He wields his power not only to command others but fulfill his own perverse fantasies and desires under the guise of being this spiritual leader that his people can look to.

Scott Shepard portrays David very well as you watch this kind and stern man slowly transform into an abusive and manipulative one instead. The eeriness of his character is present from the start but is very subtly portrayed before being placed at the forefront.

Now as Ellie is not only trying to protect an injured Joel from this group she must also come face to face with a monster that isn’t the infected. While she has had to confront situations of bandits and militaristic groups they at least are fighting for the sake of survival. Whereas in this case her enemy is one that revels and loves the world that they live in and what's to take full advantage of it.

Joel has shown that he is used and accustomed to this world however for Ellie this is her first time having to confront such a savage force. With this portrayal you watch as Ellie fights and ultimately understand that she will change for the better or worse through this experience.

This portion of the game was a pivotal moment for Ellie and the show does not shy away from portraying it in a way that matches the same intensity of the game.

It is sad to say there is only one episode left but exciting at the same time. I believe it is safe to say that it will be a moment to remember and be sure to look forward to it.


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