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  • Johnny Cruz

The Last of Us, Finishes Off Strong With a Powerful Finale

The last episode of The Last of Us, just aired and has capped off an excellent season for the series.

In this episode, it's the end of the journey that Joel and Ellie set out on. They have finally made it to Seattle to the Firefly base that Marlene wanted to get Ellie to in the first place.

Throughout the series you have had this budding relationship between Joel and Ellie as a father and daughter. Both starting out somewhat cold and unsure of the other, they learned to trust and care for one another. With this finale to the season serving as a test to how strong the bond between the two has truly become.

There was always what felt like this bigger purpose for Ellie as she was immune to the infection that affected humanity. Now is the final moment for her to make a difficult decision but one that provides a sense of purpose for her life as she has seen so many lose theirs.

With Joel, throughout the show characters have always mentioned that Joel has had this darker and brutish side to him. With small flashes sprinkled in through the season you finally watch as Joel essentially becomes a brutal force of violence. Before it might have been done out of survival or rage but this is a more cold approach as he is trying to protect the one thing that has given him a bit of humanity.

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey have done such a fantastic job in portraying these characters. The chemistry between the two has really captured the relationship between Joel and Ellie that was present in the games.

When Joel is needing to be a cold blooded killer or a gentle and endearing father figure, Pascal is able to magnificently flip the switch between the two personalities. Ramsey does an excellent job of playing the smartass teenage girl who has to face a warped world but still clings and aspires for a hopeful future. She is really able to not only capture the strong moments that Ellie needs to portray in the dark moments but the vulnerability that she also shows when the realities of her situation face her head on.

The build up to this episode was not only worth the weight but exceeded what one could ask for when it comes to The Last of Us.

There are also small teasers and Easter eggs for fans of the games. Which helps to show the love and care this adaptation was created with.

With small hints for the second season, this finale and first season has very much cemented itself as must see television. The wait will be killer but definitely worth it once the second season will be airing.


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