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Ticketmaster Causes Bad Blood With Taylor Swift After Ticketing Catastrophe

Shortly after releasing her new album, Midnights, recent six-time American Music Award winner, Taylor Swift, announced a long-awaited Eras stadium tour that quite literally broke the internet. However, this is just the beginning of many issues that occurred when Ticketmaster officially released the sale of tickets for approved presale code holders and Capital One cardholders starting at 10 am on November 15th, 2022.

Millions of Taylor Swift fans awaited the chance to get tickets to stadiums all over the country. Many people waited up to eight hours to get tickets, while others got theirs within two hours. Even though fans had waited for that long, not everyone got tickets. Due to the massive demand for tickets and selling a record-breaking 2 million tickets in just presale, it was then revealed that Ticketmaster did not have enough to sell to the public. This was after they were asked several times by Swift and her team if they could handle a

demand as big as this, to which they answered yes every time. Unfortunately, due to a lack of tickets, the sale to the public scheduled for later on that week, on the 18th, was canceled which made for some very unhappy “Swifties”.

Ticketmaster later issued an apology to Taylor and her fans saying, “We want to apologize to Taylor and all her fans- especially those who had a terrible experience trying to purchase tickets.” and attaching a link to an explanation of what happened to cause the terrible experience that fans went through. However, SeatGeek, another ticket seller, was able to sell tickets to shows in Texas and Arizona without any problem.

The “Anti-Hero” singer came out with a statement after everything went down saying that she hated seeing her fans struggle to get tickets after Ticketmaster told her that they were able to handle the high demand. She also stated that it upset her to see fans that got tickets act like they “went through several bear attacks to get them” and that she was “trying to figure out how this situation could be improved in the future.”


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