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UAFS Theatre Performs Shadow Cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show

On Friday and Saturday night, March 17th and 18th, the Rocky Horror Picture Show was performed at the Breedlove auditorium. The iconic show was performed by shadow cast, in which the actors performed the movie live along with the original film in the background.

Audience members were greeted with a goodie bag including glow sticks, bells, a rubber glove, and two playing cards to be used as props in various points in the play.

A large part of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is audience participation, and the UAFS cast did a great job at including them in every turn. Illuminescent party hats were provided and audience callbacks were printed in the program to ensure the audience felt like a part of the experience.

The 18+ show was headlined by Trent Gregory playing the iconic Frank N Furter, Alyssa Foley playing Janet Weiss, and Res Smith playing Brad Majors.

Although the atmosphere was fun and light throughout the performance, it was easy to be unsettled amidst the current hot political conversation surrounding drag legislation. Two “Transylvanians” Kara Rush, age 18, and Lena Rush, age 18, were interviewed on the topic, “It was really scary. We had to have extra security, and we were really worried for Trent especially.” Thankfully, no issues were involved.

The talent and creativity of the cast cannot be ignored. The shadow cast was humorous, appropriately racy in context, and brought infectious energy to the show. It is highly recommended to attend any future productions by the UAFS theatre.


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