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UAFS Theatre Presents A Doll's House

UAFS Theatre Department presents Henrik Ibsen’s, A Doll’s House. Showings take place on October 19-21, at 7PM, with a double feature on October 21 at 3PM and 7PM. The event is free is UAFS students, faculty, and senior citizens. For general admission, tickets are priced at $10.

Directed by Sally Story, the show follows Nora Helmer as she navigates around a mistake she has made that has come back to haunt her. When faced with a decision that will change the course of her life and her family, will she make the right call?

Considered one of the early versions of feminist literature, it challenges social norms of what a woman is meant for. During a time when a woman’s role was to be a loving mother and devoted wife, Nora believes the course of her life was decided for her.

Actor Gavin Garrett believes people should come to see the show considering the topics it touches upon. “I think people should come see the show because it’s still pushing boundaries like it was in 1879. It’s a feminist play that drives conversation and Ibsen’s dialogue accurately portrays the life of a woman in a “man’s” world,” says Garrett.

Shalya Woolsey, who plays Kristine Linde, says, “Working on A Doll’s House has been an incredible experience – getting to perform with such a talented and sweet cast has been so much fun! We have such a blast rehearsing for such a serious show and I think that’s remarkably important.”

For freshman Audrey Houghton, her first production with UAFS Theatre has been a positive learning experience. Houghton, who plays Nora, says, “When I was first cast, I was terrified of branching out into a higher level of theater in a brand new environment, but it has truly been a blessing.” With the help of her fellow cast members and director, she has found her footing in the department. “I have learned so much about acting from my castmates and have been able to make fast friends with them through my first semester of college.”

The cast includes Audrey Houghton, Gavin Garrett, Brayden A. Graham, Shayla Woolsey, Faith Cureton, Tate Carnley, and Tatum Leary.

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