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UAFS Wind Ensemble Celebrates The Holidays At The Annual Season's Greetings Concert

On Tuesday, December 29th at the ArcBest Corp. Performing Arts Center the UAFS Wind Ensemble performed at the annual season’s greetings concert alongside other ensembles from the UAFS Music Department. Their performance included five pieces of music under the direction of Dr. Alexandra Zacharella. For two of the pieces, they were joined by combined choirs, led by Dr. Zacharella and Dr. Timothy Workman. Both directors embraced the holiday spirit as we move into the Christmas season.

The concert started with the Wind Ensemble playing “Let The Bells Ring” which was based on a “Ukrainian Bell Carol” and arranged by Robert Buckley. This piece was extremely energetic by featuring the brass section of the band which happened to be a great way to set the stage for the rest of the concert.

The second piece performed by the Wind Ensemble showcased the combined UAFS choir in “Three Noels” arranged by Clare Grundman. The band played in a slow and angelic way that paired nicely with the choir as they sang the lyrics to the song. After the choir left the stage, the ensemble moved on to “Feliz Navidad” arranged by Jose Feliciano (b. 1945) the piece gave a very upbeat and jazzy feel that featured the percussion in a more direct way.

A very notable part of the concert occurred when the Wind Ensemble performed “Sleigh Ride” arranged by Leroy Anderson (1908-1975). The piece ended with a trumpet solo that finished with a horse-like sound to help give the audience the feeling of being on an actual sleigh ride.

The concert concluded with a “Christmas Sing-A-Long” arranged by James D. Ployhar. Where the band played along as the combined choir went into the audience to get people up on their feet and singing along making it a very heartwarming way to end the holiday concert.


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